Salloum brings new flare to the game with his awe-inspiring raps over good beats. Salloum started writing rhymes in 2007. After honing his skills for the next 5 years he released Epitome Perennial to acclaim. With his smooth delivery and unique lyrics Salloum explores universal ideas in his music.

With a thought inspired intro, you immediately get the impression that you will be listening to a dope EP. There was a specific song, “True Story” ft. John Lennon, that instantly received the mark of approval. “Call Of Duty” is another track that hits hard. All throughout, this 8-track project is a recommended to all rap heads around the world!  -- Posted by IndieRapBlog

Salloum's "Epitome Perennial" is an 8-track project with heavy message. Known for his lyricism, Salloum presents a political and humanitarian message in his latest release. We hear familiar quotes from John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and John F Kennedy. The track that stands out most is "Ooh La La Lah" with a hook derived from The Fugee's release with the same name. If you are looking for a solid 8-track release with heavy message, Salloum's "Epitome Perennial" is recommended. -- Posted by Pwr Moves

The 8-track project contains some good material from the newcomer... This kid can make a name if he sticks to it.  -- Posted by OK-Tho

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